This is a UX design and branding project. “ALONDER” is a make-up word combining “alone” and “wonder.”  This app was designed with inspiration from the actual experiences of my close friends and myself and is targeted towards Japanese visitors and residents in their 20s and 30s who currently live overseas and would like to find fun activities and spots to hang out in the city. This app finds most usage on a Friday night, when most Japanese people feel isolated when they do not have any plans for Friday night when they are free from weekday. But of course, users can use it to find activities whenever they wish!


ALONDER functions by suggesting the 3 best activity options for the user. Users select their favorite categories of activity and what mood they are in, and the app then recommends the best activity to suit their needs. Through the app users can make reservations, as well as contact other users for recommendations and get-togethers via the community function.


Moreover, ALONDER could also offers its services around the world in popular cities such as London, Paris, Seoul, Beijing and so on where Japanese visitors frequent. For this time, I have adapted the app for usage in New York, but the app itself has plenty of potential to expand its service all over the world, as well as being translated into multiple languages. 

English version is coming soon!