moodies is designed for picky movie lovers who do not want to waste time searching for the “right” movie. I found the mood plays a very important role when selecting a film to watch. The concept of “empathy” seemed to a link that could match users with the best selection of movies. I use the word “empathy” to convey that the viewer can identify their mood and pair it with their choice of films suggested to them.  Essentially the film “empathizes” with the user and attempts to deliver a reciprocal mood.  


moodies will have three main features, which are Search, Trend, and Watchlist. These features will allow the use to individualize and personalize their movie app experience. 


The Search function will allow users to search for movie recommendations based on their current mood. The GPS will determine the user’s current location, time and weather. The user can select the relation of the person with whom they will watch the film, as well as the mood users want to feel while watching it.  

Marakech | Morning | Cloudy

Tokyo | Evening | Sunny

New York | Night | Rainy






Movie description page



Watch List

Users can find pertinent articles and reviews relating to the movies and moods such as “Most Popular Moods” and “Movies Among moodies” in the Trend section. 


Users can save movies they want to view later in their “Watchlist”. They can also rate the movie by indicating the degree of the mood they felt after watching the film.